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The 5 Best Adult Drinking Games You Can Play Before The Pubs Reopen

Posted by Chris Carter on

All games are for ages 17+ only and not suitable for children!


Our team of judges have had a lot of time on their hands during lockdown to trial and test the many adult party games that get sent our way and so felt it time to share our top 5 favourites with the world!


Zoom friendly party games feature heavily on the list too for those of us communicating with our loved ones from afar, while alcoholic drinks aren't essential for all these games, they certainly helped us in making all  many of our decisions.


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5. Bad People

First up is the most controversial, hence why it makes the list but comes last: Bad People. Now, we liked this party game a lot. It is unbelievably funny and perfect for Zoom calls, even more so with a few drinks. It is by design a savage game, its creators boast it is the most savage game available on the market and we don't disagree.


It is super easy to play while on Zoom calls with your friends, if one of you gets a box and then holds up the card to the camera so each person can take it in turns to read out questions from the innocuous to the down right offensive. You can also throw in a few drinking rules while you are at it to liven things up...


We recommend playing with a low ego and a reminder that this is, after all, a bit of fun, so enjoy!


Our favourite bit: while testing Bad People, the question "Whose funeral would have the smallest attendance?" and the answer was the person who ended up writing this article! Which of course is not the reason it came last on the Top 5 list. At all.


Want to be a bad person? You can buy it here.


4. For The Girls

Boys - keep scrolling. This one is especially a girls drinking party game.


This game was tested during a "Cancelled Hen Do" Zoom Call for the unfortunate among us who weren't able to get married this summer, but worked really well as a hilarious pickmeup. (Editors note: make sure your boyfriend/husband/kids cannot hear you playing from the next room...)


Be prepared to learn A LOT about each other and relive your younger years with "Truth or Dare", "If You've Ever" or "Most Likely To" rounds that present ample opportunity for learning, laughter and the best bit: big reveals!


Prepare for girls night, ladies. You can buy it here.


3. That's What She Said

Welcome back boys. That's What She Said is a game built on the crudest of humour but makes for some of the cleverest game play out of the adult party games genre. Players each hold 7 white cards and have to come up with the funniest response to red raunchy situation cards. Most cards are far too rude to write on this blog post, but lets just say some classic moments will be born when you play. 

Having played a lot of Cards Against Humanity in our time, (and if you haven't you definitely should) That's What She Said is a big refresh of the genre and something thoroughly enjoyed by fans.



That's What She Said does not make the top two as it is not a perfect - though doable (that's what she said) - game for Zoom but much more likely to be enjoyed while sat around the table and watching one and other reactions to some good old fashioned innuendo.

The perfect game when are all able to start meeting up in groups again ans the parks and pubs (finally!!!) open.

Fancy a dive? You can get it here.


2. Cards Against Humanity

El classico. One of the best selling card games since the invention of cards. There isn't a lot that needs to be said for Cards Against Humanity as so much has already been said. It's second to none (except the winner of this blog obviously) and no doubt will continue to serve as a dark humoured solution to most of life's woes. 

If you haven't already got a copy you can purchase here.


1. What Do You Meme? 

Meet the winner, What Do You Meme? gets you to compete with your friends and family to create the funniest memes. You do this by using one of your dealt caption cards to caption the photo card in each round.


Sounds simple, even innocent, right? Wrong. What Do You Meme can be played on two levels and playing a game with two different sets of people can result in widely different experiences game to game. 


It is this variety that makes it such a winner for our judges, we have played What Do You Meme several times and were in stitches each and every time. As king of the adult party game genre we feel this is a game perfect for a social distancing picnic or a game to be played with the people you are isolating with. 

The game keeps going till you get hungry and order a pizza, not our words though, seriously that bit is in the rules!


Impress your friends, laugh your head off and enjoy yourself with this fantastic card game for grown ups.


Like what you see? You can get What Do You Meme? here.

There is a 2% discount code on ALL these games and more if you use "2%DISCOUNT" at checkout. You can find all of our Adult Party games here. 

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