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Godtear The Borderlands Starter Set

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In a shattered world called the Cradle, players take control of mighty champions as they battle to claim the powerful tears of perished gods.

Their goal? To use the godtears to gain immortality...and ultimate power.

Godtear is a hex based tabletop skirmish board game for two players. With its dynamic scenarios and pre-assembled, pre-coloured miniatures, it’s quick to start but hard to master!



 Godtear is a scenario driven game. Each scenario has its own rules, but there are common rules that form the basis of all scenarios. Each scenario uses the scoring system below in addition to its unique scenario rules.

During each turn of Godtear, players compete to influence the momentum of battle, allowing them to gain the upper hand. This is represented by moving the turn token on the battle ladder closer to that player’s warband token.

Here are the ways a player can influence the tide of battle and move the turn token closer to their own warband token:

• Knock out an enemy champion - 4 steps
• Knock out a small enemy follower - 1 step
• Knock out a large enemy follower - 2 steps
• Make a claim action during the plot phase - 1 step
• Have a friendly banner on an objective hex during the end phase - 4 steps

At the end of the turn, the player with the turn token in their half of the battle ladder wins the turn and gains the number of victory points shown on the reverse side of that turn’s turn token.

Turns increase in value as the action intensifies and then taper off again as the battle nears its conclusion:

• Turn 1 = 1 victory point
• Turn 2 = 2 victory points
• Turn 3 = 3 victory points
• Turn 4 = 2 victory points
• Turn 5 = 1 victory point

The first player to have 5 victory points wins the game.


Choosing Your Warband

 To build you warband you must pick three champions. Any champion can fight with any champion. There are no ally matrices, race restrictions or class restrictions. You can use whichever champion you like in Godtear.

There are four types of champion:

• Guardians (blue miniatures)
• Slayers (red miniatures)
• Shapers (green miniatures)
• Maelstroms (yellow miniatures)

Guardians are stalwart protectors. They will defend their allies and their banners with their life. They gain a bonus point when scoring for having a banner on an objective in the end phase.

Slayers take the fight to enemy champions, with powerful attacks they are able to lay low anyone foolish enough to defy them. They gain a bonus point when they knock out an enemy champion.

Shapers manipulate the battlefield to their advantage through cunning movement of the godtears, or simply buffing allies and debuffing enemies. They gain a bonus point when placing their banner on an objective hex in the plot phase.

Maelstroms excel in eliminating followers with a whirlwind of attacks that can cleave through any foe foolish enough to challenge them. They gain a bonus point when they knock out a small or large enemy follower.


Where to Begin

 If you want to start your adventure in Godtear then there are two Starter Sets available.

Eternal Glade - Nia & Morrigan
The Borderlands - Titus & Finvarr

Both starter sets contain everything you need to learn to play Godtear:

• Double-sided Hex Board
• Objective Hexes
• Dice
• Champion & Follower Cards and Dashboards
• Dashboard Tokens
• Battle Ladder Tokens

These Starter Sets are available from Steamforged Games and you local gaming store.


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